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Catappa Leaves - 20 Pack

Catappa Leaves - 20 Pack

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Introducing our premium Catappa Leaves, the natural way to enhance the health and happiness of your fish! Derived from the tropical Catappa tree, these leaves have been used for centuries in aquariums to promote a thriving aquatic environment.

Our Catappa Leaves are hand-selected for their premium quality, ensuring you receive the best for your aquatic pets. These leaves are rich in natural compounds, such as tannins and essential oils, that offer a range of benefits for your aquarium.

When added to your aquarium, Catappa Leaves release beneficial substances that mimic the natural habitat of many tropical fish species. They can help to create ideal water conditions, promoting fish health and vitality. The tannins released by the leaves can also help to lower pH levels, which can benefit fish that prefer slightly acidic water.

Not only do Catappa Leaves improve water quality, but they also provide a natural and stimulating environment for your fish. Many fish species love to forage and hide among the leaves, which can reduce stress and provide a sense of security. Catappa Leaves can also serve as a natural substrate for beneficial microorganisms, which can aid in the biological filtration of your aquarium.

In addition to their practical benefits, Catappa Leaves are also visually appealing. They add a natural touch to your aquarium, creating a realistic and aesthetically pleasing underwater scene. They can enhance the beauty of your aquascape and make your aquarium a focal point in any room.

Our Catappa Leaves come in a generous quantity, providing great value for money. They are harvested and prepared with care to ensure freshness and quality. Simply add them to your aquarium, and let nature take its course!

Experience the natural benefits of Catappa Leaves for your aquarium today. Enhance the health and happiness of your fish with our premium Catappa Leaves. Order now and create a thriving and beautiful underwater world for your fish!

Leaves come in a pack of 10 in the following sizes:

 Size Name Average Size in cm
Small 6cm - 9cm
Medium 10cm - 15cm
Large 16cm -18cm
X-Large 20cm - 23cm
XX-Large 24cm -28cm
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