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Ziss Aqua

Ziss Aqua CO2 Generator and Refill Combo

Ziss Aqua CO2 Generator and Refill Combo

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In this combo, you will receive (1) ZC-II CO2 Generator and (1) CR-160 Generation Refill.

The ZissAqua ZC-II contains everything to start adding CO2 to the planted aquarium. This beautiful and solid CO2 system offers an efficient and space-saving way to add CO2 to a small aquarium. All parts in this set are of the well-known high-quality ZissAqua quality.


The ZissAqua Co2 generator is suitable for the novice aquarist as well as for the professional who expects the high-quality ZissAqua quality.

Unlike the conventional bio CO2 generators, the ZissAqua ZC-II works directly. The ZC-II does not produce unnecessary ethanol and works perfectly in the winter season without being affected by the ambient temperature. The refill packaging of the ZissAqua ZC-II is the ZCR-160 and it lasts more than 45 days. The Co2 produced has a purity of >99% and works at a constant speed.


Conventional bio Co2 VS the ZissAqua ZC-II Co2 generator

Bio CO2 Ziss ZC-II CO2 Generator
Start right away No Yes
Speed control No Yes
Temperature influence Yes No
Amount of CO2 production Less than 50gr 1 Average 160gr 2
Lifetime Less than 2 weeks1 More than 45 days2
Carbon Dioxide Purity Low purity High purity (>99%)
  1. Own result: Measured by weight loss of the aquarium. (temperature: 20 ℃)
  2. Own result: Measured by weight loss of the aquarium. (ZCR-160 160g Ziss CO2 generation kit and drop after about 5 minutes)


The set consists of:

  • 1x ZC-II Co2 generator
  • 1x ZD-200 Co2 diffuser
  • 1x air hose



Ziss CO2 Generation Kit ZCR-160 contains No. 1 solution and No. 2 solid.

Fill the top of the ZC-II with the #1 solution and insert the #2 solid into the bottom of the ZC-II.

After that, control the number of drops of #1 solution in the #2 solid with the control button.


ZCR-160 kit generates 160g of CO2. # 1 solution and # 2 solids can be stored at room temperature.

  • 160 g CO2 generation kit
  • Can be used at an aquarium temperature of 5 ~ 40 oC
  • Can be stored at room temperature
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Customer Reviews

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Enrique Collazo

The zero-200 is not producing the bubble to count the time

Ziss Aqua CO2 Generator and Refill Combo

Works perfectly! It's a little hard to get the drops per minute down, but once you do it works great!