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Ziss Aqua

Ziss Aqua BL-2 Breeding Box

Ziss Aqua BL-2 Breeding Box

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The breeding boxes of Ziss Aqua are available in 3 different variants, with the numbers behind “BL” and “GL” standing for the number of stainless steel meshes. Thanks to the integrated stainless steel mesh, the breeding boxes also uses the flow in the aquarium in addition to the external airlift.


The integrated stainless steel mesh ensures that more fresh and oxygen-rich water enters the breeding box, making the fish grow faster and better color. On the side of the bowl is an external airlift with which you create extra flow in the breeding box.


In addition to the fact that the breeding boxes are perfect for setting up juvenile fish, they can also be used for breeding and crossing shrimps, for feeding shrimp in sea aquariums and growing live-bearing fish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bradley England

Ziss Aqua BL-2 Breeding Box

Drew Galley
Ziss Aqua BL-2 Breeding Box

Fantastic product. Absolutely love how well it works!!! As always couldn’t be happier with the customer service!

Eric Thomas
Excellent company communication and shipping

Had questions about the Ziss Aqua BL-2 Breeding Box. Got personal replies from JL Aquatics almost instantly. Product well packed and shipped promptly. Thank you.

Justin Thao
Perfect Breeding Box

Exactly what I was looking for. Great air flow good size for any fish. Great for making sure the babies are eating and healthy.