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Ziss Aqua

Ziss Aqua ZAD-12 Air Stone 2 Pack

Ziss Aqua ZAD-12 Air Stone 2 Pack

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Material : PC + PP

Size : 12mm X 35mm

Color: Clear + Black Two Tone


– Much more water moving with low back pressure

– Very well working even at a low power air pump

– Can be disassembled and be cleaned if they clog

– We Recommend Under gravel Filter, Sponge Filter and Side Wall Water Moving with sucker

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Delo
I love these air stones!!

I don't know why more of the different Ziss air stones aren't carried in the states. I only seem to get them when they are included in other Ziss products like their artemia hatcher and their breeding boxes. I've used the 'never clog' ones with the felt washers and find that, well, they do clog over time and I can't ever find replacement washers. These ZAD-12s are a great, if not better, replacement. Thanks for carrying them JL! PS - I'd also love to see someone carry the slimmer, screw together plastic ones that come with the aertmeia blender. I find those the perfect size for fitting in the uptake tubes of smaller UGF shrimp filters.


Don’t buy these, I’d rather I get them :)))) ha 5star