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Ziss Aqua

Ziss Aqua ZB-150F Moving Bubble Filter

Ziss Aqua ZB-150F Moving Bubble Filter

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19 × 6,5 × 6,5 cm


The world’s first aquarium filter with moving filter medium. The moving bed filters from the new ZissAqua bio-series. The “F” models have a different head than the other moving bed filters that provide more flow in the aquarium water. All moving bed filters have very stable and strong suction cups and can be placed anywhere in the aquarium. The first stage is a filter sponge that sucks up coarser dirt. The actual filter chamber (phase 2) contains the new Ziss filter medium ZM-II (150 ml). The filter medium has a “service life” of up to 15 years and a size of only 7 mm. The filter is connected to a diaphragm pump by means of an air hose (both not included in the scope of delivery). The flow can be adjusted with the supplied regulator. The air supply keeps the filter medium in constant motion.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great little bacteria cleaner

I am using this in combination with a sponge filter, on opposite corners, in a 20 long tank and it has been fantastic. With just the sponge filter, my nitrites would occasionally creep up slightly right before my weekly water change. Not any more. Since a week after installing it, my ammonia and nitrites have tested 0 ppm every time . This setup will allow me to pull my sponge filter when I need to set up a quarantine tank.

It took longer than I thought to see the media doing a consistent roll, even at full air, but after about seven days, I was able to reduce the air pump (Aquarium Co-op single port pump) to half power and still keep a good roll.

Current stock: 1 apisto, 10 green neon tetra, 3 guppy, 6 dwarf corydora, 3 otos and a bunch of live plants.

James Darley
First purchase

It's only arrived to the international shipping agent I'm using to send to me in Thailand.

But it arrived there as advertised and in short time

So far so good.
Keen to buy again.